Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What Has Technology Wrought?

 Kith and Kin Everywhere on this fine May 23 day of 2018:  As those of us of my generation (born in June 1925) become fewer and fewer; as those of you in the many post-WW2 generations proliferate, America becomes less and less able to recall any history of WW2.  Peruse the output of our factories -- below.

We have sent all of that technology to China and China to whom we owe our very souls is not our friend!

America with only 1/2 of today's population -- you can Google that -- was able to do things impossible today with twice the number of hands and brains (?).

Perhaps that is because of our deteriorated "education" system; perhaps that is because no one is able to put down their computers they label as "phones;" perhaps that is because no one any longer thirsts to learn; perhaps that is because folks are waiting to let a Social George manage their lives; perhaps that is because photos, jokes and porn are more interesting than being a hard-driven American patriot in love with their heritage won then granted by the Founding Fathers and preceding generations of warriors.  Who knows?  Who cares? 

And the Millennial Generation is the most rude, crude, gimme-gimme, asinine generation of all that cannot function without thumbing through the idiocy of their "phones" to see if they missed a call from another nincompoop of their generation.

What have we -- what has technology wrought?

Advice from a nonagenarian and veteran of 3 wars includes learning Mandarin so you will be able to communicate with your new leaders!
Read on -- the below quotes, then I double dog dare you to leave a comment:

"As the 'greatest generation' dwindles, it is important the nation reflects on the innovation, mobilization, production, and bravery that occurred during WWII.

Seems Impossible
Carefully study this artwork. Then, read what we did.  
Not only is the picture awesome, but so are   the statistics!
During the 3-1/2 years of World War II that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 and ended with the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, "We the People of the U.S.A." produced the following:
            22 aircraft carriers
              8 battleships
            48 cruisers
          349 destroyers
          420 destroyer escorts
          203 submarines
            34 million tons of merchant ships
   100,000 fighter aircraft
     98,000 bombers
     24,000 transport aircraft
     58,000 training aircraft
     93,000 tanks
   257,000 artillery pieces
   105,000 mortars
3,000,000 machine guns and
2,500,000 military trucks
We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and, ultimately, conquered Japan and Germany.
It's worth noting that this all took place in less than half the time the Obama Administration was in place.   With more than twice this amount of time,  the Obama Administration couldn't even build a healthcare web site that worked!!!"
I wouldn't be surprised if both operations cost about the same.

It’s amazing what America did in those days

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fleet Week Up Portland Way

Kith and Kin Everywhere on this May 20, 2018,

Time is getting short for you to visit a real, honest-to-gosh WW2 PT boat with a real, honest-to-gosh WW2 veteran of the Solomon Islands PT boat combat against the Imperial Japanese Navy on board to shake your hand.

Marlene and I will be traveling to Portland, OR, in a few days to act as docents aboard the PT658, the only fully restored and running PT boat left in the world.  Son Mike will drive us to the boat; we are getting too aged to make the trip alone.  I will be just days short of my 93rd birthday later in June, so that fact mandates this being a fini.

Our object is to publicize the boat, its volunteer crew and, hopefully, raise some serious money to keep her up and running for many years more as a memorial to we kids who manned these "plywood" 77-foot to 80-foot wooden combat vessels that stepped in to carry the fight to the enemy when the Navy's iron ships were sunk at Pearl Harbor.

Marlene and I will be giving our annual donation of $1,000, hoping our presence on the Higgins motor torpedo boat will bring in another $1,000, at least.  See her web site to determine how in case you can't visit her.  Send a tax-deductible donation or $5 or $5,000 or more.  Just Google "PT658" to find out how.

It will be Fleet Week of the Portland Rose Festival.  The boat will be moored at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland along with visiting Canadian, Navy and Coast Guard Fleet ships.  Come visit and bring a healthy donation in honor of all "mosquito boat veterans" of WW2.  See and tour one of the last two of the some-750 of these marvelous machines we kids used to fight the Japanese and Germans to keep America free.

Unlike other museum vessels, the PT658 has no major sponsor and depends on the  kind and generous donations of patriotic citizens to keep her afloat.  Her crew who maintain and operate the boat are all volunteers.

Marlene and I hope you will give until it hurts a little, then add a little bit more to show your appreciation of the sacrifices we kids made of our youthful days.  What might have been our glorious teen years were exhausted fighting in the fetid tropics in places of which you've never even heard.  Tulagi and Rendova come to mind as does Choiseul, Bougainville and Green Island.  Capisce?


Master Chief Gunner's Mate Jack Duncan, Navy retired
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
(928) 854-1438

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Snippet, 5/17/18

Kith and Kin Everywhere,

Just as winter never really hit the desert, summer is late, too.  So far, it's been pretty pleasant weather in only the mid- to high 90s.

Debbie is here today, shoveling out the house and getting us ready for both boys this weekend.  Debbie reminded us that she's been cleaning our house for a full decade, now.  Wow, doesn't seem that long.  She's more daughter than housekeeper.

Son Jeff has Boy Scout business in 'Vegas on Friday/Saturday in which one of his Tennessee Scouts, whose family moved to NV, is receiving his Eagle at a Court of Honor.  When that ceremony is over, Jeff will rent a car and drive down to LHC for a couple of days for a visit.  Leaves Tuesday.

Son Mike and Carolyn have their bowling league annual thing in Laughlin this weekend and will come down Sunday.  First time the two boys have been together in decades -- not sure how long.  Maybe a quarter of a century?  They leave Monday.

No big jobs for them -- rehang one balky cabinet door in the kitchen.  We replaced our A/C this week; 'bout the only other thing not perfect around the old teepee.  Here in the desert, an A/C lasts only 15 years and we got 20 years out of the original, so we thought we'd put in a new 4-ton unit before this one crashed, perhaps in mid-summer.

Got another chunk cut out of my foot -- the left one this time.  An old "freckle" turned nasty and had to be taken out.  Also, one of the Wrightus brothers, Arthur, has hit my left-thumb big time, so no twisting action with the wrist.  Thumb basal joint arthritis is no fun and that's why I can't tackle the kitchen cabinet hinge.  Maybe I need my Shannon who knows about such things, but Mike has a firm grip on her and he's still working.  Doctor doesn't want to inject it with that "big square needle" until he must.

We had a first on the back patio when Hardee and Babe brought 2 kids to learn from whence all meatballs can be found.  Four roadrunners at one time.  Dad Hardee still prefers eating from a plastic lid "plate" on the floor while mama Babe would rather that I hand her one while she's atop the wall.  She takes in from between my fingers unerringly without touching me.

One baby takes a meatball from atop the wall, but not until I back off.  If I understand the scoreboard correctly -- unlike baseball players, they don't wear numbers -- one baby still refuses coming over the wall onto the patio at dinnertime.  Mom and dad may still be carrying food to him.  But, only by their actions can one roadrunner be distinguished from another -- by me, at least.  What fun!

We're still flirting with triple digits; only hitting 100 to 106 a couple of times, so far.  When we return from our trip to act as fund-raising docents on the PT658, it should be just in time for the 120s.  I made enough frozen meatballs for Harry to keep the roadrunners in food until we return.  Jazz, as you may know, refuses to have a thing to do with them.

Guess the last measurable rain we had was in January -- if memory serves, so if and when the monsoons hit, they will be welcome.  We are still harvesting lemons and kumquats, but one of the new tree's fruit is quite tangy!  Must be a different strain.  They will be OK dried and added to casseroles, but not for plucking to savor.  

The drought is throughout the southwest and could become serious down Phoenix and Tucson way unless the Colorado River increases its flow.  We need some serious winters upstream in Wyoming and Colorado as well as some serious summer monsoons in AZ.  Too many people in L.A. and San Diego sipping from Lake Havasu as well as pouring over the non-existent but needed Trump wall.

Question:  Instead of us harboring and welcoming "economic refugees," why don't they stay home and fix their own sh#@-hole countries.  I know, "streets of gold."  But that's wearing thin.  Ignorant, uneducated, refusing to become e pluribus unum USA Americans and prefer their own enclaves.  Do nothing for this country except take, take, take.  If I may quote my friend Jerry in Santa Barbara, "Bullshit -- all is bullshit."

In my lifetime, we've added 200,100,00o peeing, pooping, eating, drinking, farting people to our fair nation!  

Google it if you're doubting me.  If they all paid taxes, it might be OK, but too many collect from the Treasury, not pay into it.  Who in their right mind invented this "chain migration" stupidity?  Dims, that's who!  Let one freeloader in, you get the whole stinkin' village!  Automated America does not need more freeloaders!

By the way, should anyone be reading my Snippets, please make a comment.  I'm broadcasting in the blind, not knowing if it's in vain without you at least saying, "Hi."

All is well in the desert,

Love and hugs,


Friday, May 11, 2018

China's Grab II


While America’s future is mired in internecine warfare, Dems vs Repubs, it really is intellect vs panting shortsightedness.  Elitists or those who believe themselves to be among the elite known as Dems, but in reality Wilsonian Progressives, are stubbornly remaining loyal to party rather than endorsing undying loyalty the experimental nation given them by the Founding Fathers. 

The rest of us are patriots who think our love of America is beyond party, seeing Trump as neither Repub nor Progressive, but a swamp drainer. 

Check this out!!!!  What are YOUR priorities:  Party or America?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Events along China's New Silk Road

Snippet of May 9 afternoon,

We've been in cyber-communication with a dozen retired senior military officers inre my ramblings on OBOR, China's New Silk Road adventure.

Included are such faraway places as Yunnan, Djibouti, Dakar, Khorgos, Doklam, Port Sudan and Jiwani.  Even Sri Lanka and Brazil as well as the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Inasmuch as No Such Agency and/or Google doesn't like me to send such vital info to ye of Jack's Pack, you'll have to request e-mail selections until I can figure out the method of attaching them to my blog.

We had Hardee, Babe and their two babies on the back patio yesterday and today.  Babe prefers for me to hold her meatball in my fingers from which she takes it.  Hardee still takes his from between my feet while the babies eat atop the patio wall just inches from my hand.  What a cute family!  Soon, instinct will drive them to separate, each seeking his own patrol area to search out snakes, lizards and insects
 -- except one that will be chosen to remain where the meatballs are available upon demand.  When is the last time anyone has seen four reclusive roadrunners together ganging up around the guy with the meatballs?

We are well and feeling wonderful now that triple digits have returned.  It was 108° today with wall-to-wall sunshine.  Nice!  

Getting ready for the May 19 arrival of both sons, Jeff from TN and Mike from CA.  I'm too old to cook for 3 additional folks, so we'll eat out a lot.  Jeff will go home on Tuesday, Mike and Carolyn probably Monday.  We'll be alone until we leave for Portland's June Fleet Week, when Jazz takes over our house watch here at home.

Marlene lugged home 23# of pork chops today from Basha's.  Only 99¢ a pound!  The BBQ was fired up for lunch!  What a bargain!  Yes, of course, thick cut.

All is well in the desert,

Love and hugs,

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Snippet of 5/6/18

Kith and Kin Everywhere on this beautiful Sunday,

Marlene and I arose at 0500 to perform our early morning personal chores before the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 0530 Sunday morning TV serenade.  Musical oriented Marlene who has attended the Choir's live recital, loves to watch/listen.  I got on the computer inasmuch as I'm too tone-deaf to appreciate music of any kind.

Breakfast, then she hauled me to the gym.  Treadmill, seated-row machine and I was ready to quit.  We came home to lunch of left-over stuff.  I had made a "spaghetti" dish of chicken thighs, Brussels sprouts, alfredo sauce with soba noodles rather than spaghetti.  It was enough for 3 meals -- one more to go.

With Homer moving off to new territory, apparently, his son Hardee acquired Babe to be his mate.  There is a baby or babies somewhere for we can hear the baby roadrunner very loud, "Erk, erk, erk, erk." cry to be fed.  Silent Babe wants to stay atop our back patio wall and be fed from my fingers, while Hardee prefers to utter coos to me and eat between my feet from a plastic lid.  They present totally different personal characteristics.  So cute!

Into the fourth generation, now, we are seeing a phenomenon:  The new generation chick, grown to adulthood, takes over the territory while the dad disappears -- to new pastures?  The Web proclaims a lifespan of 7 to 8 years, though.  Interesting; another desert survival trait?

With the Snowbirds flocking back northward, our city's traffic is once again light and peaceful.  We've already had some triple digit days that we love and the Snowbirds abhor like the plague.  The forecast is for triple digits through next Friday.

Quarterly blood test tomorrow, then breakfast out.  Tuesday, our new heat pump will be installed beginning at 0630.  Sometime during the coming week, we both need to go to the range and pop some caps.  My Sig P238WTP still is not broken-in.  Marlene needs to exercise her carry-gun, a Ruger LC9.

We're seeing quite a few houses for sale and new homes going up, so we assume that the exodus from Draconian Kalifornia's idiocy remains in full bloom.  Now, some bozo wants independence from the USA.  Mexico's 32nd state?

Full bloom reminds me of our saguaro in the front yard -- blooms all over it!

Let us know what's happening around your casa.

All is well in the desert,



Tuesday, May 1, 2018

OBOR Continues to Weave Its Web

By this time, most of you know that my dryfrog103 account was summarily closed, perhaps by No Such Agency, if I may be paranoid, as my being a spammer. 

Really, it was just musings addressed among all of my friends collectively called “Jack’s Pack.”  It had been in existence for perhaps a quarter century when I was thrown off the Internet without warning.  It coincided with my analyses about Communist China’s erupting emergence upon the Western Civilization scene with Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road.  Hm-m-m!  The MSM is ignoring the gigantic move.  Why?

Many of you are veterans who might have studied Admiral Alfred Mahan’s theories of sea power, becoming familiar with trade routes affecting the entire world.  Xi Jinping seemingly has adopted that and added Marco Polo-like, similar land trade routes through Central Asia, South Asia and even Africa.

Hopefully, by this time you might have read some of my personal analyses of the One Belt, One Road initiative of China’s Xi Jinping, otherwise known as the New Silk Road.  It’s a web being woven to encompass direct trade routes throughout Asia, Europe and Africa with inroads to South America.  Such a network of sea lanes and rail lines interwoven with new highway routes would just about ensnare the world except North America.  The USA, in my analysis, would sink from being the dominant world power simply by commerce and be relegated to Third World status as consumers of goods and exporter of foodstuffs – a nation of poor farmers sort of category.

Mahan’s sea lanes as applied to the Communist Chinese would be mainly China’s East Coast manufacturing complex through its newly-fortified South China Sea, through the Straits of Malacca, the Indian Ocean, Bab al Mandeb and the Red Sea.  The Indian Ocean would become a Chinese lake with PLAN bases possibly at Chittagong, Bangladesh; certainly at Hambantota, Sri Lanka; Jiwani, Pakistan; and Djibouti.  Commercial Chi-Com sea ports are underway in the Aegean Sea, the Adriatic, the Red Sea at Port Sudan and Gwadar, Pakistan.

To continue:  I would like to hear from each of you. 

Have I overstudied the move or are the Chi-Comms our real nemesis in the global scheme of geopolitics?

China is funding (with the American dollars we pay for the ubiquitous “Made in China” consumer everything) new high speed rail lines in southern Europe.  New trans-African railroad is being constructed from which a whole network will deliver consumer goods and ship Africa’s raw materials back to Chinese manufactories.  The initial line stretches from Port Sudan all the way to Dakar, Senegal.

Yet, the MSM is still screaming, “The Russians Are Coming!”

The new land-port at Khorgos connecting China with Kazakhstan is amazing.

Again, it applies Mahan’s theories to land routes opening highways to Gwadar via the Khunjerab Pass in Pakistan as well as an alternate route via Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and southward to Gwadar.  That the major port of Gwadar is indeed a Chi-Com exclave is indicated by the Chinese yuan being accepted there as is the Paki rupee.

Next, follow the hotel chains, mostly American, which have followed or preceded the New Silk Road by Googling the various land routes ever westward from China to Western Civilization nations.

Marlene and I would love to hear your thoughts on our fears for a future America, keeping in mind that the Orient plans in decades and generations while the West plans in four-year administrative increments.

Are we bats or fruitcakes or are we seeing something perhaps too dire for Joe Sixpack’s consumption?

massacheepjack and M5.

What Beijing is Building in the South China Sea

Stratfor has obtained satellite imagery of Mischief Reef in the South China Sea, and we show in this visual analysis what China is putting in place

Since China began its extensive land reclamation program in the South China Sea in 2013, Beijing has focused on improving its presence and infrastructure at seven locations in the Spratly Island chain: Cuarteron Reef, Fiery Cross, Gaven, Hughes, Johnson, Mischief and Subi reefs. Of the seven locations, the Fiery Cross, Mischief and Subi reefs received particular attention in the form of large-scale airfields built there. Over time, China has also added harbors, barracks, radar and other sensors. This is in addition to communications equipment, storage bunkers and general infrastructure installed across all seven islands. Stratfor partners at AllSource Analysis have provided imagery that confirms mobile electronic warfare (EW) equipment was recently deployed to Mischief Reef.

Beijing deployed EW equipment to prepared positions in Mischief Reef, consisting of 13 concrete pads located between an airfield to the north and what is probably a motor pool area in the southeast. The imagery shows that two camouflaged vehicles, most likely mobile EW systems, were moved to the deployment site as recently as March 13. The imagery indicates that China likely engaged in periodic training at the airfield for mobile electronic warfare operations during February and March of 2018.

Satellite imagery showing how China has deployed electronic warfare assets to the Spratly Island chain in the South China Sea. <>

The recent addition of mobile equipment for electronic warfare to Mischief Reef adds to the already-extensive electronic network on the reef. To the southeast, China has constructed what is probably a high-frequency, direction-finding antenna array installation which could be used to collect electronic or signals intelligence from transmissions by aircraft or ships in the region, as well as to detect stealth aircraft. North of the island, China has also built what is probably an inter-island communication tower with an associated antenna array similar to the ones found at Cuarteron, Hughes, Johnson South and Gaven reefs. On top of that, China constructed a Doppler very high-frequency omnidirectional range (DVOR) radio system adjacent to the airfield on Mischief Reef. DVOR systems provide short-range navigation information for aircraft without using satellite navigation data.

These developments are yet another example of China reinforcing its territorial claims in the region.

The deployment of EW equipment is particularly notable because the gear could be used to harass and jam the electronic equipment of various actors in the South China Sea, including the United States. In fact, the equipment deployed to Mischief Reef could have already been used for this purpose. A recent statement from a U.S. Navy pilot, for example, alluded to an incident in recent weeks when his aircraft was likely jammed by Chinese electronic equipment. As Beijing continues to build up its capabilities across the South China Sea, tools like electronic warfare equipment will make the country better positioned to continue asserting its territorial claims in the region.